The Catholic Word of the Day Archive

Salvific Will Holy Spirit Transplantation of Organs
Spiritual Espousals Addiction Coenobium
Irascible Appetite Development of Doctrine Equiprobabilism
Advocate Latency Period Seven Sacraments
Rosary Epiklesis/Epiclesis Consubstantiation
Restitution Tabgha Our Lady of Divine Love
Excommunication The Holy Pillar Imperfect Contrition
White Russian Byzantines Lust Pursuivants
La Salette Liturgy Andacollo
Kings, Book of Physiologus Old Catholics
Baltimore Catechism Armagh, Book of Nature
Eulogia Orders, Sacrament of Missionary
Dominus Vocbiscum Ichthus-Fish Abbacy of St.Jerome
Invalid Doctrinal Demythology Metaphysics
Ecclesia Docens Apostolic Signatura Octaves
Religion as feeling Temperament Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Congregation for Catholic Education Sponsor Mystery Play
Paschal Candle Imitation of Christ Voluntarism
Matter, Sacramental Notion Chancel

Gabbatha Gregorian Masses Ordo
Resolution of Amendment Supreme Evil Archives, Vatican
Pride Solovyevism Natural Law
Revealed Law Presbyter First Saturdays
Alma Redemptoris Mater Divorce Jubilee
Procession Teilhardism Hysteron Proteron
Bodily Immortality Vicar Forane Intercommunion, Eucharistic
Proclamation Consecration to the Sacred Heart Nominalism
Rules of Conscience St. John Lateran Hermeneutics
Doctrinal Universalism Good Friday Our Father
Soul of the Church Latin Cross Book of Sentences
Liber Pontificalis Paraclete People of God
Bodily Resurrection Cardinal Electors Subsidiarity
Striking the Breast Transfinalization Ordinary
Titular Sees Wake Knowledge
Polygenism Sede Vacante Peace Plate or Tablet
Heroic Act Abbey Nullius Vulgate
Founder Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples Vow
Impassibility Vitandus Dedication of the Months

Solemn Vows Species Dark Night of the Soul
Social Sin Dialectical Materialism Pharisaical Scandal
Inquisition Precedence Holy Chrism
Quietism Natural Family Planning (practice) Primitive Religion
Cleopas Inputation Solemn Profession
Intrinsic Goodness Charisma Luminous Rays
Sampietrini Lyre John Mark
Alphabetic Psalms Sorrow Categorical Imperative
Ammonian Sections Icxc Nika Interstices
Ave Regina Caelorum Hyperdulia Crosier
St Paul's Outside the Walls Doctrinal Pluralism Bodmer Codex
Liturgiae Instaurationes Cardinal Electors Theocracy
Intrinsic Evidence Internal Grace Aquila
Book of Zechariah Temple Capsula
Holy Mary Anaphora Diana of the Ephesians
Evangelism Eucharistic Oblation Last Judgment
Veneration of Images Aggiornamento Pectoral Cross
Dark Night of the Soul Solitude Domestic Prelate
Incense Boat Clothing of Religious Laity

Abraham's Bosom Embalming Dowry
Roman Gradual Socratic Method Theism
Memorial Petitions to the Holy See Perfect Happiness
Litany of the Sacred Heart Feeling Pope
Legate a latere Extraordinary Magisterium Nepotism
Canonical Penance Inherence Ineffable
Refectory Pascendi Musicam sacram
Heaven Celtic Church Motu Proprio
Migne Patrologia Christian Law Acclamation
Paray le Monial Theological Pluralism Michal
Casualism Victim Frustulum
Unity Isaiah Episcopal Curia
Wake Canonical Age Paschal Candle
Doctrinal Demythology Pro Armenis Lamb
Responsory Dogma Roman Martyrology
Greek Rites Anglican Orders Attritionism
Ciborium Paenitemini Amice
Feast of the Visitation Our Lady Protectress of Rome Tosefta
Gyor Poverty of Sharing Sollicitudo Omnium Ecclesiarium

Penalty, Penitential Intuition Witness
Sanctuary of [Our] Sorrowful Mother Basilians Evil Habits
Orate Fratres Codex Sinaiticus Codex Sinaiticus
Unam Sanctam Eckhartism Christendom
Herodias Tower of Babel Tabula Rasa
Jeronymites/Heironymites Individuation Swastika
Testimonials Anglican Orders Providence
Monogamy Sanctoral Cycle /Proper of the Saints Prinknash
Gift of Knowledge Nine Offices Imputability
Thesis Hypapante Evangelist of Mary
Grace of God Morality of Dancing Priest
Henotheism Creationism Incommunicable Attribute
Homoousios Credence Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Baptism Darius Papal Decoration
Secret Society Laus Humanae Personae Dignitatem
Station Days Christian Marriage Incarnation
Gabriel Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes Dead Sea
Redemptorists Agony Dispensation
Monism Cathedral of Cologne Sursum Corda

Sacramental Confession Mass Penny Objective (Ontological)
Psaltery Theological Censure Mary's Death
Prescience Leaven Philippians
Ring of the Fisherman Annihilationism Cosmogony
Contumely Alienation Ethics
Quam Singulari Indissolubility Celibacy
Comparative Religion Founder Edification
Noumenon Stag Ecclesia
Eternal City (Rome) New Earth Samuel
Benefice Papal Regesta Defender of the Faith
Sacrament House James the Less Devotion to St. Joseph
Vicar-General Holy Doors Te Deum Laudamus
Preconization Determinants of Morality Penitential Psalms
Hatred Synoptics Proclamation
Serra International Purity of Intention Abomination of Desolation
Matriomonial Contract Conventual Doubtful Conscience
Homosexuality Promised Land May Laws
Toulouse Mystery Theology Eucharistic Meal
Dilemma Sacrifice of the Mass Prie-Dieu
Motives of Credibility Church Peccatophobia

Mass Salutation Old Law Nazarene
Subjectivism Papal Coronation Apostle
Subdiaconate Mala Fide Spiritual Espousal
Baptistery Didache (teachings of the 12 Apostles) Aglipayanism
Tabernacle Council of Trullo Mortuarium
Repairing Scandal Auriesville New Law
Perfectae Caritatis Violence Tertian
Rule Corpus Christi Czestochowa
Solicitude Evil Desire Hexameron
Quadragesimo Anno Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem Latin Architecture
Apocalypse Possesive Instinct Alb
Cruelty to Animals Cities of Refuge Irregularity
Ordination of Women Baptism, Matter and Form Holy Shroud
Divine Essence Duties of Parents Divine Operation
Askesis Legal Morality Rochet
Deadly Sins Eleazar Judgment
Gift of Integrity Nuncio Epigonation

Virtue of Hope Magic End of the World
Apostasy Gerasenes Spouse (Bride) of Christ
Funeral Rites Infused Contemplation Shalom
Sacramental Miracles of Christ Moral Theology
Eiternity Sinai Saul
La Divina Commedia Sainte Anne De Beaupre Royal Coronation
Bishop Scandal of the Weak Spiritual Rebirth
Biretta Nat'l Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Savior
Iesus Hominum Salvator Episcopate Chaldean Rite
Antecedent Grace Vincentian Canon Cardinal Deacon
Clergy Diocesan Synod Pacifism
Reformation Dogma Letters to the Corinthians Ritibus Exsequiarum
First Mass Synderesis or Synteresis Vicar of  Christ
Patrimony of St. Peter Liberian Basilica Olivetans
Thurible Theological Notes Ten Commandments

Calvinism/Arianism Aseity Humanism
Murder Luna Meta-Ousiosis
Renunciation I.H.S Peace of the Church
Bilocation Marriage Bond Epikeia
Scapular Medal Clandestinity Donatism
Sign Altar Bread Curse
Chrismation Religious State Clerics of the Pontifical Chapel
Nehemiah Age of Reason
Formal Cause
Monarchianism Longinus Giants
Born Again Christians in Israel Liturgy of the Hours
Chantry Schools Allegorical Sense Ruthenian Rite
Sarum Rite Gorgias Aureole
Hospitaliers Epistle to Titus Ars Antiqua
Matrimonii Sacramentum Christian Names Church Militant
Capital Sins Rebekah Nuptial
Religionum Laicalium Final Cause Fire of Purgatory

Book of Daniel Josiah  Eternal Life
 Naturalism  House of Gold Right to Life Movement
 Case of Conscience Dominations Self-Love
 The Knights Templar Clerestory  Hosea
State of Perfection Tables of the Law Imprimi Potest
Passive Recollection Simony  Sinful Joy
Immaculate Conception Inter Ea Stole
Disparity of Worship Apostolicity Relator
Autocephali Annihilation Supernatural Theology
 Subsistence Root of Jesse  Ausculta Fili
Shrine at Zamboanga Servus Servorum Dei Ain Karim
Priscilla Human Act Nebi'im
Dichotomy Convulsionaries Heli
Liquefaction Reordination Elijah
Communicable Attribute Curate Denomination
Quadragesimo Anno Mozetta Simeon
Denial of Faith Charisms of Service Infanticide
Episcopal Conference Eparchy Righteous Anger
Ecclesiastes Immodest Looks Creation
Sigilum Aggiornamento Actus Dei
Gradual Presbyterians Cartago
Diversity of Grace Dies Irae Anti-Semitism
Parental Instruction Moral Act Parallelism
Ittai or Ithai Ferial Positive Imperfection
Night of the Spirit Balm, Balsam Ghetto
Crucifixion Argument ad Populum Wisdom
Diadem Sealing Chinese Rites
Ship Alpha and Omega Septuagesima
Barabbas Roman See Heathen
Immoral Major Orders Relative Mystery
Bollandist Filioque  Fidejussor
John the Apostle  Fire of Hell  Spiritual Communion
Augustinianism Meekness Disposition
Pew Authentic Interpretation Dissimulation
Silvanus Sacred Heart Bar
Maestro di Camera Natural Knowledge of God Lollardism
Blessing  Agent Satisfaction
Lapsi Trisagion Royal Veto
Beatitudes Natural Sins Divine Notion
Joanna Gregorian Sacramentary Ante Christum
Roman Primacy War Kerygmatic Theology
Hegelianism Tendency Monk
Biblical Archeology Sacramental Presence  Collegiality
Communication of Properties Requiescat in Pace Delilah
Inscriptions Satisfaction Jeconias
Arian Churches Jurisdiction Hagiology
Passion Plays Absolute Epistle to the Romans
Abraham Dysteleology Papal Cross