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We are happy that your have expressed a desire to be married at St. John Vianney Church The marriage of a Christian couple is a time of joy and blessing for them, for their families and friends and for the Church. It is a time of great significance in the life of a man and a woman as they make the commitment of a lifetime to each other.For people of faith it is a time of grace; for us Catholics it is a sacramental moment where the grace of Christ is given and His love is made visible in the love of husband and wife.

We have written these guidelines to help you prepare well for your wedding day. Please read these guidelines very carefully. In the midst of all the physical preparations we remind you of the deeper, spiritual aspects of these months that will lead to your wedding day. We want to assist you in highlighting the Christian dimension of your relationship and to help you make your wedding day not only a celebration of love but also a celebration of faith and a time of prayer to God who has brought you together.

Norms for Marriage in the Catholic Church

Catholics who want the Church to witness and bless their marriage must fulfill the following:

Special Notes for Marriage at St. John Vianney

Preparing the Wedding Liturgy


According to diocesan policy the stipend for a wedding is $75 for parishioners.
We ask $250 from non-parishioners.

Notes for Couples Who Do Not Live in Vermont

We are very happy to welcome couples from out of state. However, your situation demands special attention. We want to serve you as best we can. Please read the following guidelines very carefully, and show them to the priest who will be working with you, especially no. 3.

Special Concerns

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