St. John Vianney - St. Jean Apotre


Parish Twinning

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The goal of our parish twinning program is to foster relationships between Catholic parishes in the US and Haiti.

father Derisca

Fr. Derisca  

St John Vianney Parish has "twinned" with St. Jean Apotre (St. John the Apostle) Parish in Boc-Banic, Haiti. Pere Voclain Derisca is pastor of St. Jean Apotre. A small, modest, forty-something, he seems often to carry the weight of the community and its needs constantly on his shoulders. He has a plot of land and hopes one day to build a school building, but for now classes are held in the church.

A mobile clinic comes to the area once a month, setting up on the Church property to see to the community's health-care needs. Pere Voclain showed us the dirty brown river which is currently the area's only water source. child Bringing clean, potable water to the community is another of his priorities. The aim of the Twinning Project is not charity, but solidarity. We were inspired by how much Pere Voclain and his parishioners have accomplished with such meager resources, and we came away committed to supporting their efforts however we can.

Through donations of school and medical supplies we can help insure the future of these neediest of our Christian family. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can seek out other ways to stand in support of our sister-parishioners. In joining our own prayers to theirs we can all share the bounty of God's graces, even as we embrace more fully what it means to be members of the Body of Christ.

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